InsectsInsects, slugs, butterflies, bees and frogs are sensitive to changes of weather.


Worms, crawling on the road or on the surface of the ground, is a fore-bringer of rain, but, if seen crawling on the doorstep, look out for floods. During cold and inclement weather in Autumn, if black horse-worms can be seen crawling on roads or walls, a good warm spell of weather can be expected.


Slugs and caterpillars crawling on wallsteads, forecast rain in the near future.


Ants, known as flying ants, or 'Siongain eiteogach' in Irish, when seen flying in multitudes and settling on window-sills, railings, ledges, or even on roofs and bonnets of cars, are a sure sign of approaching rain. A sting from a flying ant can be very painful, and, the more painful it is, the nearer the rain..


Spiders, patiently threading their webs outside doors and windows presage bad weather, but, when they weave their webs on tops of rushes or whin bushes in early Spring, good weather is on the way.

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