Our feathered friends are most sensitive to those changes, and people who study them minutely can foretell changes in weather conditions. The wren, robin, sparrow or finch seen washing and preening their feathers in a pool of water is a sign of fine weather. If Willy wagtails can be seen fluttering about street or farmyard, heavy rain may be expected.

Robin RedbreastRobin

The robin flies near the house and into the barn when snow is forthcoming, but she flies in on the open door, a heavy fall of snow is fast approaching. If the robin sings in the evenings in Spring or Summer, rain is sure to come on the morrow.


ducks waddling is a sign of wind. When ducks stay out in the rain, its a sign that it won't fair all day!


Hens picking themselves is a sign of rain.


The Magpies, for instance, when they gather together and chatter loudly presage storm and rain.

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